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Hi there!

I started face painting when I was 13. My dad worked at a hall where he involved me in everything having to do with catering, serving and decorating. The chef there also taught me a lot of things about the kitchen and his recipes. Thereafter, the magician wanted me to work with him. He just needed an assistant to help him with magic tricks, balloons and face painting. I started with basic cheek art and the kids loved it! I thought to myself that I was so lucky to have my parents working there and the chance that I had received was just amazing!
I would practice all the time and I think practice was key to my growth in this art. 

I then decided to open my own business when I was 16 and ever since I haven't stopped painting. This had been my one and only job until I turned 20. When I turned 20 I started working for a painting studio as a painting instructor. I worked for three locations. One of them promoted me to be their manager. Although I love teaching, being a manager got in the way of my face painting business and my involvement in my son's education. I was working 45+ hours a week as a manager and running my face painting business, which was another 20+ hours a week. I was working every single day of the week and my son became very distant from me. I then decided to focus on my son and my face painting only.  I opened a painting studio of my own thinking it would give me more time for my son, but unfortunately it closed within a year. I do not see it as a failure, but as a lesson learned. I have decided to focus my whole potential to my face painting business.

 I have had an amazing growth in this beautiful path over the years. The demand for my services has grown and I cannot do it alone. I do have an amazing group of artists who work with me. This includes my husband, my sister, sister in law and two other very talented ladies. We train every week and we try our best to keep things as standard as possible to provide everyone with the amazing face painting and balloon animals I have always offered. Our goal is for everyone to receive an excellent experience when they hire us. 

I have put so much effort into my art and I have some proof to show that on this website. I have grown so much as an artist and I hope that as you are reading this, you can see how dedicated I am to this beautiful ART! My group of artists and I will truly bring the ART to your pARTy! 

I was born to be an artist and to this day I am living my dream. I make children smile and I make a living as an artist. Thank you. 

Let us make your party special!